Tunnels To Towers Commemoration For Detective Joseph Seals

Home for the Holidays - Tunnels To Towers Foundation

Detective Joseph Seals Commemoration

Around three years ago, Detective Joseph Seals lost his life in a gunfight that took place in Jersey City. A loving husband, father, police officer, and parishioner, so many were impacted with his passing, and no one more than his own family. Fortunately though, the help and care and support the family received was incredible. One of these instances of support can be seen in the holiday special “Home for the Holidays” by the Tunnels To Towers Foundation, where the family is included in a segment about connecting music and church in times of major struggle. Queen of Peace invites you to view the video here, and to keep the Seals family in your thoughts and prayers.

“Three years ago, I remember hearing Father Mike’s Christmas Eve Homily at the 10 o’clock Mass, and I remember how he told us all to see Detective Seals life as an example of what Christ wants for us in our lives, and to see the calling of faith from Christ that comes in times of suffering. My father knew him well, as they used to work together in law enforcement, and I could see the sadness in his face when I showed him this video. But I am so happy to see what Tunnels To Towers has done to help the Seals family, and to see the love of Christ working in so many different lives on so many various levels. So on behalf of Queen of Peace Church, we continue to pray for the Seals family and for all those who are experiencing similar difficulties and troubles, that the light of Christ may shine through the darkness of those who are suffering. Merry Christmas everyone, God Bless.” -Sebastian