Steeple Lighting & Rededication Article of Jersey Catholic

New Jersey Catholic Article About Our Steeple!

A couple of weeks ago, in continuation with our celebration of our Centennial, new lights were installed outside and shining on the steeple tower of our beautiful church for not only all of those of North Arlington and of neighboring towns to see, as it is the largest part of any structure here in town, but also to be seen by airplanes flying to and from Newark Liberty International Airport. Well, a news reporter from the Archdiocese of Newark, Mr. Sean Quinn, captured this beautiful renovation and wrote more on its importance to our parish and our legacy, but as well as the history of the Archdiocese and of the town of North Arlington. The button below will take you to the article, but feel free to share it on Facebook and/or Twitter, and to share it with those you know, as we celebrate a critical part of what makes Queen of Peace so special: the steeple that gives light to all of North Arlington.

Special thanks to Sean Quinn as well as all of those apart of the Archdiocese of Newark!